Unicare Health Insurance – An Honest Review

As subsidiary of WellPoint Businesses, Unicare Health Insurance has been in operation since the early 1990s. The company’s vision stands on the grounds of providing health care services with affordability specifically designed to manage financial security for customers and clients in the field of medical assistance and need. They have been providing health care and wellness products for employers and their employees and for families and individuals. They offer plans that ensure cost-effectiveness of medical products and services.

The official Unicare Health Insurance website offers links to various rating agencies to show potential customers and site visitors how their strengths and performance have been rated and measured. These agencies are A.M. Best, Fitch and Standard and Poors. If you want to read these ratings, you would have to register an account first with the rating agency before you may view their information. Though these ratings have been good, many other surveys have differed with their results. Comments and negative criticisms have been posted by unsatisfied customers who have had negative experiences regarding the company’s handling of insurance plans and other services.

Negative feedback regarding Unicare Health Insurance plans and products has been given, and usually they revolve around unavailability of physicians under certain plans, disclaiming medical fees supposedly covered by the company, customer service representatives being uninformed and inefficient in handling customer concerns, and many others closely related to these natures of complaint. In observing comments, one would definitely find that most are very violent and these really show the public’s dissatisfaction with the company. They have all complained that they did not get the medical assistance they were promised effectively, refusing to pay for various medications and operations. An example would be one customer’s complaint of how promised fees percentages to be covered by the company have been denied, thus costing him more. Surveys have been made, and figures have shown this generally. The figures are so bad, that 0% of a certain survey population based in the United States have stated that they were very satisfied, while 79% have claimed that they were very unsatisfied. These results must serve as warnings to those who seek for health insurance plans they could rely on for long-term servicing.

Of course, Unicare Health Insurance could also be credited for the positive features they promise. This includes their dedication to providing plans that are specifically suited for a particular customer’s needs and preferences, while giving affordable prices with them. Healthcare counselling and careful planning have been some of the other features they offer to add up to the company’s efficiency and positive service to the public. Another strength this company has is the ability to provide a wide range of products and plans concerning health care like disability, behavioural health, dental, and life insurance packages. Though the company has claimed this, the general public states that they have not seen such promises at work.

Search and view via the internet just how negative most comments about Unicare Health Insurance are. The company has its strengths as well, but most surveys have shown that these are still lacking. For obtaining the best information, contact an insurance agent and ask about the details of what this company really offers.