The Incidence Of Alcohol Abuse In America’s Military

Sadly, alcohol abuse is a continuing problem for America’s military. For nearly 20 years, military officials have attempted various methods to lower the level of alcohol abuse among its ranks, to no avail. Records show that those 18 to 25 in the military are heavier drinkers than civilians in the same age group.

Officials blame stress as the cause behind the military’s alcohol abuse problem, just as it is commonly the root of the problem for non military drinkers. The stress soldiers, face however, is much different than what citizens’ face.

Those in the military are required to be in top physical condition. They undergo training programs that are physically and mentally challenging. This process is designed to make them as strong as possible and ready to take handle whatever situation they find themselves in.

Some soldiers have trouble facing the rigors of military life. A lot is expected of them and they may find it difficult to balance the demands of family and the military. They turn to alcohol in their turmoil and find themselves unable to control their consumption. These problems can increase in war time.

Female soldiers face additional struggles as they often find they have to get through the training, but also “prove” themselves equal to their male counterparts.

This is a lot of added pressure to an already tension-filled profession. Some female soldiers also experience sexual harassment.

The US military has acknowledged that alcohol abuse among its ranks is a rising problem. Alcohol abuse reduces efficiency and affects the overall performance of the military. It can also put lives in danger.

The military has no use for a soldier that is not performing at 100 percent. If a soldier is an alcohol abuser they are more likely to abuse their partners and cause disagreement among the ranks, according to studies.