The Importance of Health Insurance

We are our most important asset that’s why we should always be prepared to take care of our own body no matter what it takes. Medical advancements enable us to live loner but the prices of medical care are increasing.

Health insurance was made for people to get support in the event that they experience unwanted circumstances which is health related. We have several unexpected events that costs us a lot of money such as injuries, illness, and a lot more. These events require long hospitalizations so that’s a bummer. But in other countries, medical care is free. The only problem for them is they only have limited choices and will have a longer waiting time.

Wherever you are living and whatever your circumstances are, it is always good to have sufficient health insurance coverage. There are many types of health insurance and they are:

Hospital and Surgical Insurance – This will cover expenses concurred in the hospital.

Hospital cash insurance- pays a fixed cash amount per day up to the number of days of hospital stay with a maximum stay limit.

Disability Insurance – this is the payment for those who become disabled

Critical Illness Insurance – this pays for a lump sum when the insured person gets any of the stipulated major illnesses

So why is health insurance important?

– In the event that you get sick, the last thing that you can think about is paying the medical bills. If you have a health insurance coverage then that will give you a piece of mind.

– You don’t really want to burden your family about any medical treatment cost.

-Even if your company provide medical insurance coverage, it is likely that the cover is only valid during your employment with them. So unless, you have an agreement of continuing the health coverage after you have left the company, it might be wise to get additional cover whenever possible.

– Once you have already gotten health insurance, you now have the chance to choose a health care that will be suitable for you. This is good especially for long term hospitalizations.

-Prolong ill health could result in loss of work and when you have health insurance coverage, you can take your time in getting well.

Usually, health insurance premiums will always be more expensive than the normal insurance policy. It is an unfortunate thing though that health insurance is a need for us. But the costs of medical assistance incurred during the duration of illness will usually exceed the total of the premium paid. Moreover, you can be sure to recuperate well without thinking about the costs.