The Dawn of the Age of Consciousness as Communicated by A.E. Waite

In a number of articles, I have written about the existence of past life personalities, and how they sometimes assist us in accomplishing our missions in this life. I am not the first person to advocate the theory of past lives helping their present incarnation in certain circumstances. I do not know the who, what, when, where, how, and why of this supernatural occurrence. I am a Board Certified Hypnotist (I have no reason to brag), and I can speak affirmatively about the likelihood of reincarnation. I know that there are thousands of intelligent people who have experienced past life regression and would quickly attest to the reality of the practice.

It is sometimes difficult to determine where my metaphysical theories originate. One person proposed that Arthur may come through my subconscious. This is possible since the accumulated experiences of our past lives are contained in our subconscious. We may not always be aware of them due to the safeguards enacted by the Cosmic Administrators. These are the precautions established by higher beings to prevent interference with the operation of physical reality. This is an entirely different discussion.

Another person stated that the information could come from my Higher Power OR Greater Self. This theory is also a real possibility, since our Higher Powers are collective beings comprised of our past lives. I have spoken about this in other articles on collective entities. The question is whether or not Arthur has been assimilated into my Greater Self. I have my doubts about this.

I have been told by more than seven different mediums that Arthur is present in my environment as a spirit. A few of these medium are widely respected for their ability to communicate with other-worldly intelligences. I am speaking primarily of human spirits of course. I know for myself that Arthur has communicated with me in many ways. Sometimes past lives have their own agenda for you and this why they appear in your life.

On one occasion, a medium relayed me that Arthur was telling her that he was a teacher (not an academic teacher) and that he would lecture from a book. I understood what that meant, so I purchased his book, “The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross,” which, as I understand it, is a kind of manual for his Rosicrucian Order. I received an intuitive message that he wanted to revive the organization in America. I had trouble comprehending his book, so I said no to him. When I returned to the church, the same medium told me that Arthur said a couple of people have told him that they could not read his book. Keep in mind that the medium did not know what this conversation was about. I’m sure there are many people who do get Arthur’s writing style. I think it’s just a matter of exposing yourself to it. In any case, this is an example of how your past life may have ideas that do not necessarily agree with the course you have decided to take in your spiritual journey. After all, life is a spiritual journey that we must make ourselves. It is our life to experience. Not someone else’s. That does not mean that we will not receive the support of others along the way.

A.E. Waite has given me insight about the nature of reality and has assisted me in my writings. He provides me with metaphysical knowledge that lies within limits of his experience. Arthur exists as a disembodied spirit and possesses a life-time of arcane knowledge. I received a message from Arthur I feel he wants me to communicate to those who are willing to hear it. Arthur asserts that the human race is at the threshold what he refers to as the “Age of Consciousness.” If this term has been uttered by anyone else, I can only say that Arthur is validates this statement. This phrase came through to my consciousness, so I decided to use it.

I believe this time to be an expansion of human awareness. The Age of Consciousness shares a relationship with what other mystics, shamans, mediums, and other psychic practitioners refer to as a paradigm shift, transformation, the great change, and so on. I feel this event has enormous implications for humankind.

I do not have a clear sense of exactly what this transformation will bring us. Some notable psychics tell us the cosmic energy the Earth is receiving is a sign of a Great Awakening. It is the higher forces reaching out us. This Great Awakening has been prophesized by some the greatest mediums, psychics and channeled beings of the past one hundred years. The dates have always been wrong. The reason for this inaccuracy is that the Spirit World does not operate by clocks and calendars. According to universal law, things take place at the appointed time. We will not know this time until it is close. However, we can certainly get approximations some time before the event hits us. In fact, it’s likely that we have been in this Paradigm Shift for decades.

In my opinion, we are now in the part of this transformation where it has become visible to those who can sense its presence. People like Louise Hay and Rhonda Byrne who wrote the Secret gave momentum to the Great Awakening. The law of attraction created a lot of excitement among people who had no knowledge of mysticism. When The Secret made its appearance, people with no interest in metaphysics began to explore the universal laws. Some even questioned the nature of reality. So the Great Awakening has begun.

I have mixed thoughts about what will transpire with this Great Awakening. I am confident that if are we successful and push through it, we will enter an era of immense metaphysical experimentation and discovery. I am of course talking about ideas that currently exist outside of scientific knowledge or pursuit. I do realize that there are some rebel scientists in the paranormal field. This has always been true since at least the Industrial Age, if not earlier. While we are moving into an exciting era, it is an uncertain and unstable period. This statement is based on my impression of what is happening in the world. The picture is only partially drawn. I do not predict the future. I have an analytical mind, and I look at situations objectively and come to the most likely outcome. Allow me to elaborate on this rather pessimistic scenario.

The Mass Consciousness has reached a critical point in its spiritual evolution. I think all of us will agree that the world is facing a serious economic crisis. Many large economies show signs of being on the verge of collapse. I am not certain how grave this situation truly is since there are varied reports being put out by people and sources purporting to be experts in the area. I can honestly say the signs point to an impending global economic meltdown. Ask the millions of homeless and unemployed people living in the United States. It may not be plainly visible with people living in cardboard boxes (at least in most places), but nevertheless it exists. Does that mean this disaster will actually occur? I think this matter rests in the hands of the Universal Consciousness. Some say Mass Consciousness must raise the planet to a higher vibration by thinking positively. I wouldn’t say that this will change the Divine Prophecy, but it may help us get to the Great Awakening.

I have heard a number of politicians state unambiguously that the U.S. Treasury has no money to pay its bills. This includes social security, unemployment, military, Federal Civilian Pay, and a host of other obligations. Apparently the government is relying on loans, to pay our bills, which is why the president keeps asking congress to raise the debt ceiling every year (I’m making this complex issue simplistic). This is not an intelligent long term plan. In this sense, I do not understand why politicians argue about decreasing the deficit. It does no good for the government to make cuts if they continue to take out loans or printing more money. I think that’s enough for this tirade. Is this dire economic situation I am describing a definite outcome? Certainly not. This scenario is a possibility, among many possibilities that could become a probability according to the law of cause and effect.

There is another way of looking at the heavy matters weighing on us. I do believe that positive strides can be made by resilient people in the face of adversity. If the human race is subjected to a large scale depression or even worse, a global warming catastrophe, it will likely bring out the best in humanity. This is assuming we are meant to survive such a disaster. I firmly believe that there are times when a person must swim upstream just to see how far he or she can get. It motivates us to become better people. Our challenges transform us. Although we all want to avoid pain, it is necessary for our spiritual growth. We have all had our share of personal misfortunate. Some overcame our defeats while others have drowned in them. For the most part, we have seen that tragedies bring out our better side. It may take a global disaster to get our attention and stimulate our spirits, thus initiating the Great Awakening. The possibility of a Great Awaken is certainly a good one.

It’s equally possibly, that the Universal Consciousness may determine the human race to be a botched experiment. My impression is that if the human race is not able to reach a higher level of consciousness, it may suffer the same fate as the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Civilizations have come and gone. On this planet, races such as Atlantis are looked upon by the Universal Mind as “experiments.” What the Source is trying to prove I do not know. Maybe the Cosmic Administrators are waiting to see if we can achieve the Great Awakening to move on to the next phase in this human experiment. I believe it’s called Divine Design. This phrase may have different meanings according to a person’s faith.

One thing that may help us in these uncertain times is unity. I am talking about global cooperation among alternative health care practitioners and spiritual advisors of all sorts. I am not going to even approach the near impossible subject of organized religion concerning this inspired thought. I am sending out this message to those of us who have been awakened to the illusion of reality. These are the people possessing the ability to share their insight with others who are unaware of their condition. I feel that if spiritual practitioners were to create a united alliance, we would stand a better chance of bringing about the best possible outcome in this worldly transformation. This kind of combined higher vibration, produced by the activity of thousands of spiritually awakened human beings, would have an awesome impact on the possibilities that lie ahead for the human race.

I can see some difficulties in bringing about an alliance of the spiritually awakened. The primary reason being the beliefs and philosophies that divide both the spiritually organized, and the independent psychically endowed (if you will) people. As it stands now, spiritual teachers and organizations are splintered. We who practice the higher arts are passionate in our ideologies. We are quick to defend our position about a particular piece of the Master Plan, even though deep down we know that we all possess a piece of the Divine Truth. We hold on to our knowledge as if our lives depend on it. This inability to come together as an allied force may lead to humanity’s downfall. I admit I am being a bit dramatic. I just trying to make my point clear.

I realize I am not the first person to receive this inspired thought from the other side. This idea of a spiritual alliance among the awakened has been whispered to many of us. In some cases, the message has been heard like a blaring trumpet. I have heard that some groups have already formed in an attempt to create the kind of alliances I am speaking of. I applaud their effort. I hope to see more of this positive vibration building in the world as the Paradigm Shift takes its course.