Puppy care made easy with these special tips

Puppy care made easy with these special tips

Your puppy furry is mostly depends upon you for best puppy care. With these helpful puppy care tips, you’ll soon be a good friend of your puppy. This also builds a loving relationship between you and the puppy.

Get right food :Get right food to your puppy. Give them food which will fulfill all nutritional requirements. All types of food such as veg food, non-veg food, ready made food products etc.  Shall be made available as per the need of puppy. 

Feed well :Feeding at the right time and feeding well is also important. For younger puppy feed 3-4 times a day and for older or adult furry feed 2-3 times a day.

Introduce to the family : Get introduced to your family member slowly and steadily. Along with your family member play with your puppy to build relationship stronger.

Basic training :Start giving basic training to puppy such as sit, catch, run, bring that etc. This will make the puppy more familiar with you and your family. 

See pet vet regularly : Make a habit to see pet vet regularly for your puppy. This will make sure a health status of the puppy. At least yearly 1-2 times, you should visit.

Groom regularly : Grooming is the basic need of every puppy. And as a pet owner you have to make sure. Cleaning, bathing, nail cutting, brushing, tooth cleaning, eye cleaning,ear cleaning etc. Are some basic grooming needs of your puppy. This should be done on a regular basis. 

Exercise regularly :Exercise will help to stay healthy and fit. Puppies are full of energy so they need daily exercise. Hunting, running, playing are some types of exercise.

 Vaccination :Puppies are prone to some kind of serious disease. To prevent this vaccination is most important.

Some important vaccinations are as follows: 

Canine ParvovirusCanine Distemper virusInfectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH)Canine LeptospirosisPara influenza virus

Fleas and ticks control :The puppy can be attacked by fleas and ticks very often. These can cause disease, allergies and discomfort. Many types of flea control medications are available in the market now such as Generic Frontline Plus, Frontline Plus etc.

Accessories :To make personality better and look good dog accessories are most important. Accessories also help to protect from attack or injury. Dog clothes, dog shoes, dog collars, leashes, dog bowls, dog feeders, dog toys etc. are some type of dog accessories. For good health you can use dog shampoo, dog deodorant also.

Pet Insurance :Pet insurance is the safest option for costlier puppy. This is good to buy pet insurance before something bad happens to the puppy. You can choose monthly or yearly installment option.

Puppy care is a critical issue related to dog’s health concern. So make necessary changes in your lifestyle to give attention towards puppy health.