Public Administration Jobs

One of the fundamental sectors for any country, an efficient public administrative system is extremely crucial. It is the responsibility of public administrators to implement the policies of the government and ensure smooth governance. In every country, public administration is one of the premier domains for job seekers.

Major Jobs in Public Administration

The public administrative system is huge machinery and offers a wide range of job prospects for aspiring candidates. There are varying departments and levels wherein public administrators are operational.

Basic Level Jobs

A good way to start a career is to begin with grass root level jobs. This includes being a part of different non-government organizations (NGOs) to implement social and economic schemes. This can give the much-needed public exposure and give them the exact scenario of the problems that need to be tackled.

After a stint with the NGOs, the next step can be becoming a part of a government body. Here apart from implementing the government policies, the job would also include working for grant-awarding committees of the government.

Administrative Assistant

This is a basic or entry-level job and involves more of clerical work. The administrative assistants are responsible for keeping records and updating the information systems.

Association Executives

The association executives are responsible for implementing policies exclusively for traders, professionals or religious groups.

Medium Level Jobs

This level constitutes the bulk of public administration jobs. Some of the leading departments include finance, healthcare, organizational governance and animal welfare. This would include supervising the implementation of educational, health and social welfare schemes along with policies for rural and urban development.

City Manager

One of the premier jobs in urban development is that of a city manager. A city manager is responsible for carrying out the following main functions:

1. He is in-charge of the local governing body and thus has to oversee the smooth functioning of the local authorities. He supervises the local staff and ensures that all the work is carried out efficiently.

2. He coordinates between the elected representatives and carries out the decisions taken by the council. In case of lack of governance, the city manager is answerable to the council.

3. It is the responsibility of the city manager to understand the needs of the people and accordingly implement any social welfare programs that can fulfill the wants of the people.

Elections Officer

The job of an elections officer is very critical. He supervises major election tasks like preparing and updating voters’ list, checking the voting machines and ensuring the smooth elections at all centers.

Tax Officers

Collection of taxes is one of the primary duties of the local governing authorities and this task is handled by the tax officers. Be it income tax, property tax or water tax, there are tax officers for each department.


The starting salary of public administration workers can be anywhere from $ 20,000 to $ 40,000. As the designation and experience increases the salary structure too changes. A city manager with little or no public service experience can draw $ 50,000 to $ 80,000 while an experienced candidate can draw up to a sum of $ 1,75,000.

These are some of the basic guidelines of public administration that candidates must bear in mind while applying for a job. It is difficult to draft a public administration resume and candidates must refer to sample resumes while starting a career in this field.