Health Plans Available for Unemployed

The passage of the COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) made health insurance accessible to unemployed. This law paved the way for jobless individuals to avail of the health insurance benefits that were previously given to them and their families under the group plan of their employer.

There are defined set of rules that needs to be followed prior to enjoying the benefits of this act. One may access the plan if resignation was made before the past sixty days or if unemployment reached sixty days. Those who left their jobs at their own preference are still entitled to the coverage.

It is said that even those who have been removed from the service due to some reason are also eligible to seek the benefits of this plan. However, if you were fired from your office due to serious reasons such as proved misbehavior, then you will not be eligible for the above mentioned health insurance benefits.

It is also extremely essential that you were officially enrolled in the health insurance plan of your previous employer to get the benefits under this act. Individual health insurance plans can help people having a small budget, to get the desired health insurance.

There were insurance plans that are suggested by the federal government to provide sufficient protection to individuals who have been jobless brought by recession. At some point, assistance was given to these workers through subsidizing the sixty percent of their monthly premiums.

Individuals who have very minimal net earnings may enjoy the benefits of Medicaid health insurance plans. The eligibility of an individual will depend on their financial status. Individuals with competitive salaries and large properties have lesser possibility in availing of the said health insurance programs.

Given the limited income of jobless individuals, there are options wherein they can be covered with health plans that have minimal treatment facilities but can still cover the common doctor’s consultation and its treatments. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is very helpful to unemployed workers to avail adequate health insurance coverage.

You should contact knowledgeable people from the health insurance industry to understand the terms and conditions in order to qualify for insurance through this act. The continuation coverage which is offered by certain states can be useful for those who have lost their jobs.