Health Insurance For Children

We all know that children are expensive. Starting from the cost of pre-natal care, the dollar signs seem to just keep adding up until parents start seeing stars. With the high cost of health care these days, it is of utmost importance to have insurance at all times for one’s children. After all, no one knows what the future may hold, and children are rather prone to getting sick and otherwise hurting themselves in new and creative ways.

Parents that have the option of obtaining health insurance through their employer can count themselves among the lucky ones these days. Often this insurance covers more than alternatives, and while it may cost a bit more, it is generally worth the extra expense. Two-parent households with both parents obtaining insurance from employers have even more options, as they can choose one insurance plan, or even both.

Choosing between health insurance plans should be done with thought, comparing the plans side by side (literally). Just because one plan costs less does not mean that it is the best choice, as it may provide little coverage and have high deductibles. Besides the deductible, other factors to keep in mind are the premium, in and out of network providers, prescription coverage, co-pays, and costs for other medical services.

Parents that elect to carry both insurance policies for their child or children choose one insurance policy as the primary and one as the secondary. The primary health insurance company will then first be billed for any medical care, and once payment has been agreed upon and received from them, the remainder of the bill will then go to the secondary insurance company. Often consumers will find that they have little to nothing to pay once a bill has gone through both health insurance carriers.

The importance of good medical care on the development of children is well-known, and the government has thus made this a priority. While Medicaid has a number of requirements for adults to qualify, children qualify for it independent of their parents. For example, if a child’s parents make too much to qualify for Medicaid, the child will still qualify for Medicaid coverage despite that fact.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program is the division of Medicaid that administers this option. There are a number of important medical aspects that are covered, including vision exams, eye glasses, and dental care. Even dental cleanings and feelings are covered, ensuring that children receive well-rounded care throughout their development.

This program also covers prescriptions, necessary childhood vaccinations, physician office visits, any necessary medical tests such as blood tests and X-rays. Hospital care and related services, visits to medical specialists, and mental health care are also covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP.

Some states also have programs specifically designed to ensure children obtain proper medical care. California has the Healthy Families Program, New York offers Child Health Plus, and Florida provides KidCare, as just a few examples.

As may be seen, there are plenty of options when it comes to insuring your children, making it easy and inexpensive to provide the medical care they need.