Dog Diseases and Symptoms

Dogs are the best pets and we all enjoy our carefree time with them. There are times though that they fall sick with common dog diseases; and we must be aware of these to be able to handle the situation appropriately. Listed are several dog diseases and symptoms you will do well to watch out for for early detection and treatment.

A common ailment that dogs, especially puppies, are susceptible to is heartworm. Heartworms are parasitic worms that are usually caused by mosquitoes and attacks the vital organs of the dog. When undetected and left untreated, the infected heart will progress to congestive heart failure. Observe the canine for cough and unusual signs of tiredness.

Parvovirus is one of the most terminal and common dog diseases you must be aware of. Dirty and unsanitary living quarters are to blame for this ailment that attacks the intestines of the poor animal. When they come in contact with contaminated feces, virus sets in and the disease quickly escalates. Symptoms of decreased appetite, vomiting, intense diarrhea and lethargy will show right away. Because this disease is dangerous as it is fast, death will occur after a few short days when appropriate treatment is neglected.

Another disease that is caused by a dirty environment is distemper. To date, no cure for it has been found yet and dogs that have this only have a 50% survival rate – even less for puppies. The symptoms of this include coughing, chest congestion, diarrhea and abnormal excretion in the dog’s nose and eyes.

Rabies is a viral disease commonly associated with dogs although raccoons, cats and bats are also carriers of this disease. It hits the nervous system of the dog and is spread through the saliva of the infected animal. Initially, the dog will have slow eye reflexes and be feverish. Aggressive behavior and a breakdown of the canine’s motor movements ensue after the first phase. When the animal is found to have rabies, he needs to be euthanized immediately.

The canine disease bloat is the result of the canine’s overeating. When this happens, their stomachs become twisted and it cuts off the vital blood supply as well as trapping gas. This is extremely painful for the animal and will typically lead to a quick death. Be watchful when your pet eats his meals that he doesn’t consume his food too fast. Indicators of bloat are depression, restlessness and dry heaving.

Studies suggest that many of our dogs are prone to obesity. While obesity is not terminal in itself, it will prove to be a major detriment in their health. Obese dogs suffer more complications and will be a higher risk for surgery. Their vital organs will also have undue stress on them. A diet that meets all their nutritional requirements is valuable for their general well-being.

The above dog diseases and symptoms will help you arrest whatever condition your dog may have but establishing preventive measures is better. Keep them healthy and strong with exercise, a good diet, a clean environment and regular trips to the vet.