Bride Suffers Broken Back On Honeymoon

An appeal set up to raise 16,000 needed to bring home a newlywed bride after she broke her back on honeymoon has been successful.

Carrie Anne Dudridge suffered a broken back in three places after she fell over twenty foot from her hotel balcony in Corfu. The incident occurred just a few days after the couple got wed, the trip had been a surprise present from their friends and family.

After news of the accident broke Carrie Anne’s friends and family set up a campaign to raise the 16,000 needed to fly her home in a specially equipped air ambulance. The appeal has now been successful and Carrie Anne will return home soon. The appeal was also announced on the football team Millwall FC’s website.

News today has reported that the target 16,000 has been raised meaning the couple can return home. One particularly generous donor submitted 5000 to the cause.

The newlyweds found themselves isolated in Corfu after they failed to take out travel insurance and wrongly thought that the E111 European health card would cover all medical emergencies.

Whilst the E111 European health card guarantees the same level of medical care as a local resident the card does not make allowances for travel costs and other expenses incurred.

The groom, Mr Dundridge, has told of how his wife went onto their hotel balcony after they had returned to their room after eating out. She was said to have felt light headed due to the heat.

“We had literally just got married and only had another day of our honeymoon before coming home,” he told the media.

Medicalexperts looking after Carrie Anne have said that she is mainly sleeping at the moment but when she returns to Britain it is understood she will undergo an operation. It is understood that at least one of the fractures she has suffered is considered serious although doctors do not expect her to be left paralyzed.